Breast Augmentation | When Can I Expect My Final Result?

Patients are so excited when they schedule their breast augmentation procedure. Our number one question from patients is, "When will I see my final result?" Tune in as Dr. Schwartz explains.


When you can expect to see your final result from a breast augmentation?

Dr. Schwartz:
You'll see about 75% of your end result by the end of a month, which is pretty quick. For most purposes, that's going to get you there. You're going to look good in a swimsuit by the end of a month, you're going to be most of your usual activities by the end of a month. The rest of the healing, those final bits, take longer. You get about 90% of the way there by the end of two months. 100% is really a little bit further out. Some are typically around six months or so.