Dallas, TX Butt Augmentation | Dr. Robert Schwartz

Buttocks augmentation has grown far more sophisticated in recent years. Butt augmentation was previously done strictly by inserting an implant into the muscles. Today, Dallas plastic surgeons like Dr. Schwartz use safer, more effective methods for giving you fuller, shapelier buttocks by using fat from your own body. Natural fat is taken from other areas of your body such as your stomach or love handles and used to augment your buttocks, meaning a less invasive procedure and less complications down the road. Contact Dr. Schwartz to learn more.


There's been a lot more interest in buttock augmentation in the last few years, and until a few years ago the only option for buttock augmentation was to place implants into the muscle of the buttocks. In the last couple of years though, there's been a new advance in this area and we're now able to take your own fat from areas where you don't want it, let's say the tummy, the love handles, the outer thighs and place it where you do want it, into the buttocks and then take that fat, collect it in a very quick and efficient way and have it ready for us to re-inject into areas of the body where you want a little more fullness. I will tell you that the most common place that we put it in is the buttocks. The beauty of this is that we're using your own fat to enlarge your buttocks, there's no implants to cause problems later on, it's all you.