Dallas Plastic Surgeon | Dr. Robert Schwartz

Dr. Robert Schwartz, his staff and his patients discuss have plastic and cosmetic surgery at Robert Schwartz Plastic Surgery in Dallas Texas.


The first step to great results in cosmetic surgery is understanding and knowing the patient. You know, there's no substitute for an in-depth consultation. I spend a lot of time with my patients when I first see them.

Speaker 2:
He tells you from the get-go what's going to happen. He defines everything, to the last detail. He tells you what you're going to feel exactly, how it's going to feel, how long it's going to be and what to expect.

Speaker 3:
If I hear of a new product or a new procedure, like my sister down in Houston, she had something done and I said, so Doc, what do you think about that? He said, 'Let me tell you about that.' He knew all about it. I said, 'Well would you recommend it?' 'Not particularly and here's the reasons why.' He's very well informed, very educated, he keeps up with things.

Speaker 4:
It's very important for Dr.Schwartz to feel that he builds relationships with his patients and they are treated as family. Patients really love Dr.Schwartz. They feel that he has a great bedside manner, he's very comfortable and he's relaxed. Patients are able to ask questions and you don't always get that treatment from the majority of other Doctors out there. That's definitely something that sets us apart.

Speaker 5:
As a surgical technician, I have worked in several different OR's and many different States and have worked with different Plastic Surgeons. Working with Dr.Schwartz, I can see that he's exceptional in the work that he does. He brings to life what the patient is looking for and puts a lot of thought and time into each patient.

Speaker 6:
I'm a surgical technology that scrubs with him every time he's at the hospital and I scrub with several Plastic Surgeons and what I've noticed that sets Dr.Schwartz apart from all other Surgeons is that in the middle of the surgery, we'll stop and he'll look at the patient and we'll look at the pre-operative pictures that the patient brings in and he says, 'Am I doing exactly what this patient wants done? Am I meeting their expectations? Am I doing what they want, not necessarily what I want or what anyone else wants, am I doing what that patient wants?' Then we'll look at the patient and we'll continue forward and finish the surgery. And at the end of the surgery, we've met their expectations.

The big satisfaction for me is the patients face lighting up when they look at their results. That's what it's all about. Is that look of delight, that look of wow when they see themselves and what they're seeing in the mirror is the way they've pictured themselves and I know that I've delivered, not just results that meet their expectations but blow them away.