Facelift Procedure in Dallas, TX | Dr. Robert Schwartz

Dr. Robert Schwartz is a Dallas plastic surgeon who is dedicated to creating a prettier you. In this video, Dr. Schwartz and his patients discuss the benefits of a facelift procedure and QuickLift™ procedure. Learn more about these procedures in this very informative video.


Facelift patients are a little bit different from most cosmetic surgery patients in that they'll come in, not always specifically asking for a facelift, but they might be saying, look, I look older, I look tired, I look a certain way. What should I do? Not everyone who has those complaints needs a facelift, so it's nice that I can offer them things that are less invasive say than a full facelift but may meet their needs better. And that can start with things as simple as skin care. Some people don't look good just because their skin is improperly cared for. We can go on from there to things a little more involved. Botox, fillers, a whole lot can be done, especially when you're in your 30s and 40s. Botox and fillers can go a long way to making you look a whole lot better.

Let's say that we're getting to the point where Botox and fillers aren't quite working anymore, but we're not at a stage where we really want to get a facelift. It's maybe too much right now. I don't have that kind of time. I don't have that kind of money. One of the things we have now is something called a QuickLift, which is a less invasive facelift, less surgery, still gets a very great result. In fact, a superb result along the jaw and the neck and the cheek, which is all most people need. It's a less invasive surgery that yields almost all the results of the full facelift, and in some cases even more, at a much lower cost, much quicker recovery, much less invasive, and often done under just local anesthesia.

I would recommend Dr. Schwartz for any kind of procedure. He's got a great bedside manner. He's very intelligent. His staff is amazing, they're friendly, they make you feel very welcome. And I just felt really comfortable with him.