Dallas-Fort Worth Breast Augmentation | Dr. Robert Schwartz

Serving the Dallas Fort-Worth area, Dr. Robert Schwartz is committed to creating a prettier you. In this video, Dr. Schwartz and his patients discuss the benefits of a breast augmentation. Hear what his patients have to say about their incredible transformation, then visit his website to learn more information and schedule a consultation.


Dr. Schwartz:
This being Dallas, Texas, I do a lot of breast augmentation, and that's great because it's a procedure I really enjoy doing. The reason I enjoy doing breast augmentation is it's a procedure that really delivers for women. It gives them exactly what they want.

Speaker 2:
I was very, very flat, and I didn't like the way I looked. Didn't like the way I looked in a bathing suit either, so I met with Dr. Schwartz, and I immediately loved him. I was nervous about my breast augmentation, but believe me when it was all done, and I'm fully recovered, I am the happiest person in the world. I look so much better in my fitness wear, in my bathing suits. I walk around with confidence now. Everybody could tell. All my friends, everybody at the gym, can tell I'm walking with my head high.

Speaker 3:
After I had my two kids, I did not like the way that my breasts looked, so me and my husband decided to go see Dr. Schwartz about getting a breast augmentation. We were really happy with the results. They looked exactly what we intended them to look like. My husband was very happy as well. I'm a month out, so they're still healing and adjusting, but everything's been going great. I can't wait 'till summer to wear a bikini.

Dr. Schwartz:
You know, the key to a great breast augmentation is they focus on more than just the size of the breasts. It's not all about C cup, D cup, DD, it's about breast shape, breast beauty, breast harmony, symmetry, proportionality to your frame, it's about not just looking great undressed, it's about looking great in an evening gown, in a bathing suit, and whatever you choose to wear. That's a great breast augmentation.

Dr. Schwartz:
Most of my patients have a vision for where they want their bodies to look that is proportional, elegant, beautiful, and they want their breasts to enhance their beauty. They don't want their breasts to be the sole focus of their being.

Speaker 4:
Ever since I was a teenager, I always wanted larger breasts. I think every girl dreams of a nicer body. I was an A cup. I was very small. I had two children, and I breastfed both children, but still being very small, I felt like I needed the fullness, and I wanted to look better in bathing suits, and dresses, and blouses, and so I came with Dr. Schwartz and I spoke to him. He gave me the different options, and he was fantastic in showing me the different sizes. He explained what would be best on me, my frame, where I don't look too huge, and we went with it. I have been incredibly happy with the results. I absolutely love my fullness, and my figure.